~Written in November, 2019 but still applicable today. Please keep this in mind when the story refers to statistics left undated.

Revolutionising the way we travel, the ride-hailing app has made going from A to B ever easier and more affordable. With an estimated 110 million active users (teriffs.com, 2019)…


You’ve probably heard these three letters being used in conjunction like this if you’ve spent any time at all reading the headlines. You know it has something to do with crypto so what is an NFT you ask?

In it’s most basic definition, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token… Yeah, that…

Piggy Banks

From birthday cash when we’re kids to our paychecks when we’re adults, we’ve constantly been told to save. We’re told by our family, friends and bank adverts on TV that saving money for a rainy day is always the way to go. …

Candlestick charts are one of the most popular charts used in analysing price movement and overall investor emotion when looking at stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. They can be used to quickly determine the key price information of an asset in a certain time period and overall direction of the price.

The Liquidity Cap : Why day traders are capped on how much they can make

Disclaimer : although there are some trading techniques and rules detailed in this post, this post does not endorse nor does it educate the reader to any applicable extent to trade. …

Xheklondo Dedvukaj

BSC Financial and Business Economics

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